Nursing Home Planning

“Will the nursing home take my house?” “Does my spouse have to spend all our income on the nursing home?” These are frequent questions heard in our office. One of the best things we can do is calm clients’ fears about the financial aspects of nursing homes and long term care. Whether you are met with an immediate need for nursing home care or you want answers “just in case” we can provide up to date information on what’s in store. This is a complicated area of law and is very dependent on the family’s circumstances. A nursing home cannot take a person’s house away from them or their spouse. The law provides that a house is an exempt or a non-countable asset. That means that the value will not count in determining the amount of money available to you to qualify for Medicaid assistance.

If the person in the nursing home qualifies for Medicaid/Mo HealthNet, the income of the spouse living at home does not have to go toward payment of the nursing home bill. If the income of the at home spouse falls below a certain amount, some of the income of the nursing home spouse can be retained by the at home spouse to meet day to day expenses.

If the nursing home spouse is a private pay resident, then assets and income of both parties can be looked to for payment.

No two cases are alike in nursing home law. Everyone’s fact and circumstances are different. A consultation with our office, who specialize in nursing home planning, may save thousands of dollars whether you are single or married and in need of nursing home care.

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